Can a heart still break
Once it's stopped beating


No, but I assume they wouldn’t… Wait. What if they are…? What the fuck… 


Hey, it’s probably nothing, you know what anons are like around this shit hole, they’re just stirring shit. It’ll be okay, it’s probably just rumours.

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@jordylolo: I would love to see some of your work. Painting makes me mad because I mess up a lot with pencil because I’m a perfectionist when it comes to art. So, messing up with paint is hell.

@jfc_sawyer: Sure, why don’t you drop by my dorm some time, or we can head to the art rooms, whatever you want. Who says art needs to be all straight lines and perfect colours? I paint what I like, when it comes art, nothing is right or wrong.

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Same! I just…whatever. My sisters wouldn’t do that because that’s just royally fucked up. It just irks me that people think it’s funny to make jokes about it.


True, I’m not exactly sane either, but that’s just a whole other level of sheer stupidity.

You spoke to your sisters about it? Told them that this shit is getting annoying? Yeah well, I’d feel the same, whoever is making jokes is sick as fuck, and they need to lay off.

I don’t think anyone is sane here, but I feel you, so no worries. 

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@jordylolo: Thanks! That’s probably my best I’ve done with paint in a while. I’m more of a pencil girl.

@jfc_sawyer: Ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of pencil, but I’m more paint really, but pencil is still pretty good.

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I don’t get it. Especially twins? Like, what the fuck kind of epic level of narcissism is that? 


Thank you for being, what looks to be, the only other sane person here…like damn.

I know I’m into chicks and all, and if I had a twin sister, I’d drop that bitch to the ground. It’s just… I can’t even. 

I wouldn’t go as far as sane but I get it, because really though, damn.

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 INSTAGRAM: @jordylolo uploaded a new photo.

boredom + paint = ?



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@jfc_sawyer: damn girl, I like your technique.

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Dumb. You so dumb. So so so dumb.

Dumb dumb wants gum gum.

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ryan-anders asked:

Text: hey soy bean. I know I've been mia but wanna go dress shopping with me on Friday?



Text: You didn’t get arrested again, did you? As long as you’re the only one trying on dresses, then I think I can definitely come with you.

Text: No i didn’t, promise. Yes I’ll be the only one trying on dresses. Don’t act like you weren’t going to go, just to see me naked anyway.

Text: Okay good, or I’d have to come kick your ass. You’re right, I was going to come see you naked, you know me too well. If you know though, maybe you could drag me along so you can try on underwear.

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Ok. I understand. i just I hate all this. I try to get away from the drama and it still follows me.

Yeah well, the best thing to do is to not get into it in the first place, but some people are drawn to it.

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mercycjones said: I know you are annoyed by the anon’s but I really don’t like being called a bitch.

Please, if I was insulting you, I’d pick something more colourful, bitch is what I call everyone.

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